I deficiency an annotated bibliography using 15 erudite rises equal reviewed media in APA extract format . One or two paragraphs per rises.  COLLEGEN LEVEL WRITING AND ABSOLUTELY NO PLAIGIARISM!!!! To patronage the Thesis : The American Immoral Impartiality is racist; it does not patronage similarity for African American and Latinos as evidenced by the racial disparities in captivity rates in United States Prisons. In my essay I conquer be writing environing things relish so content select erudite equal reviewed media that enjoy colossus to do delay these subject-matters. So select media that acceleration negate thesis to survive concrete. -slavery, Jim cackle laws  -the war on drugs that grant at incarcerating African Americans males -racial profiling  -frisk and stop  -population of African Americans in prison vs. Whites  -the immoral way and sentencing differences among African Americans and whites.  Example: Cole, David.  “The Paradox of Race and Crime: A Comment on Randall Kennedy’s ‘Politics of Distinction.’” Georgetown Law Journal.  Vol. 83.  (September 2013) David Cole offers a savor of Randall Kennedy’s standing that the immoral impartiality rule does not see abutting sombres as a rank accordingly exalted levels of sombre captivity benefits one subset of the sombre sympathy, the law-abiding members, occasion harming another subset of sombres, the law-breaking members.  As most misdeed is intra-racial, and the priority of sombres are law-abiding citizens, Kennedy contends increased law enforcement in the sombre sympathy is a general good-natured.  Cole clgrant Kennedy’s evidence is flawed accordingly plain an intentionally discriminatory exercise, such as making it illicit barely for sombres to vend splinter, would enjoy the selfselfsame dignity of benefiting law-abiding African-Americans occasion hurting those who vend splinter.  Thus, Kennedy’s evidence appears to administer to the misrecord that all shrewdness in immoral law would be question barely to minimal inspection.Cole so criticizes Kennedy’s word for truly disregarding any instruction environing the collision on the sombre sympathy of law enforcement or police brutality and harassment.  NOTE An elucidation is a digest and/or evaluation. Therefore, an annotated bibliography includes a digest and/or evaluation of each of the rises. Depending on your contrivance or the assignment, your elucidations may do one or further of the subjoined. Summarize: Some elucidations narrowly digest the rise. What are the ocean evidences? What is the object of this work or word? What subject-matters are familiar? If someone asked what this word/work is environing, what would you say? The extension of your elucidations conquer designate how constructive your digest is.  For further acceleration, see our handout on paraphrasing rises. Assess: After summarizing a rise, it may be accelerationful to evaluate it. Is it a profitable rise? How does it assimilate delay other rises in your bibliography? Is the instruction not spurious? Is this rise unfair or concrete? What is the appearance of this rise?  Reflect: Once you've digestd and assessed a rise, you deficiency to ask how it fits into your examination. Was this rise accelerationful to you? How does it acceleration you pattern your evidence? How can you use this rise in your examination contrivance? Has it modifiable how you purpose environing your subject-matter?