answer these two questions for each student.

1) How does the condition oration the inquiry asked? 2)What tonnage of the condition demand graceful? (e.g. stagnation of discourse assertion, aid textual substance, aid extrinsic estimate, etc.) Sydney S Vasquez  Professor Beaty English 101 17 November 2017 I’m a Canadian and I’m Applying for US Citizenship (Draft) Before the 2016 selection, America made protracted way in commendations to variation. With  Trump endly chairman, we as a nation feel regressed in manifold ways – as he has advocated  for unblemished supremacist to apexed their feelings on racism, dislike toward immigrants, and their  superiority amongst other racial knots in America. Nation from all divergent backgrounds and  cultures who previously believed hereafter to the US was a protracted fair, now see a main  decline in their apology from Trump substanceers.  Due to Donald Trump's belligerence promises, he fueled manifold nationalists to be tuneful delay  their estimates and is docile for racist rage from his substanceers. Unblemished supremacists feel  hosted at meanest 40-50 rallies balance the terminal year, which all usually remainder in rage toward Anti- Trump substanceers. Peter Moskowitz, journalist, writes, “Regardhither of their subsidence, these rallies  nearly frequently play out the identical way: a minute knot of unblemished supremacists from diversified abhor  groups (e.g., the KKK, Identity Europa) cohere delay members from hither explicitly unblemished  nationalist knots, who repeatedly end concomitantly beneath the test of the alt-right.” There are some  unblemished nationalist, such as Richard Spencer, who uniformly converse on belittling other cultures  and unblemished lordship on the soften again. Conjuncture as a nation we feel made protracted strides in commendations  to exclusive manifold divergent cultures, racism never died. Delay Trump endly chairman, this  was a accident for manifold racist Americans to apexed this. Vasquez 2 Many denizens (who are immigrants) dismay entity charmed far from their families, and a  better vivacity as Trump uniformly menaceens arrival of immigrants. One of Mr. Trump’s main  belligerence nucleuses was fabric a "wall" on the Mexico limit to intercept manifold Mexicans from  traveling to the US. Conjuncture doing this, he as-well-behaved bragged how Mexico get be the province to pay for  the enlightened charge. Another main belligerence nucleus that Trump has already implemented is  enforcing a stringent migration ban that kept refugees from entering the US for at meanest 120 days  (largely those from predominantly Muslim nations). “Mr. Trump has equal publicly said "We  don't nonproduction them here" at a signing rite at the Pentagon.” (NY Times. Trump Bars Refugees  and Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries. Michael Shear. Jan 2017)  As Kachroo-Levine descriptive in her essay, manifold nation are very hesitant now to  endure their mode of denizenship beneath the oath of Chairman Trump. Equal denizens of the US  feel suggested emotional to embracing countries to escape entity beneath the Trump era. Many  citizens dismay for their submodel and safeguard now gone the 2016 selection. There feel been manifold  instances of abhor crimes on lawful denizens by racist. As-well-behaved delayin the condition, Kachroo –Levine  stated that she now “feels fear encircling endly a denizen.” (Kachroo-Levine, Maya. I’m a  Canadian & I’m Applying for U.S. Citizenship. 2016 Nov 10). In this term of such dislike and  disgust, manifold denizens are using this term to esteem the variation this province does feel, and  how we can exist as a complete despite such knots who do not conform. Work Cited: - Kachroo-Levine, Maya. “I’m a Canadian & I’m Applying for U.S. Citizenship” Nov 2016. - Moskowitz, Peter. “A Year in the Violent Soften of Unblemished Supremacy” Nov 2017. Splinter News. - (NY Times. Trump Bars Refugees and Citizens of 7 Muslim Countries. Michael Shear. Jan 2017) Celina Furness  I’m a Canadian and I’m Applying for U.S. Citizenship The 2016 chairmanial sschoice was one of the most divisive equalts in new-fangled U.S. occurrence. For the original term gone 2000, the chairman chosen did not win the common tone. Numbers separate, Trump’s opinions and policies feel burning divers debates embracing racism, migration and denizenship. In Kachroo-Levine’s “I’m a Canadian and I’m Applying for U.S. Citizenship”, she voices her tardiloquence delay entity sworn in as a denizen conjuncture Trump is in effectiveness. She mentions his plans to abandon millions, his proceedings of sexual attack accusations, and dismays entity stopped on the street for scarcely entity a special of speciousness (Kachroo-Levine, 1-2). Trump’s abhorful and racist expression has fueled unblemished nationalist knots, growthd racial-based rage, and menaceened possible denizenship for immigrants from countries perceived to be exposed. White nationalist knots were already on the soften during Obama’s presidency; Trump scarcely emboldened them. Trump’s force to get far delay abhor address and anti-migration emotion, to the apex of implied commemoration, has encouraged unblemished nationalists to gather at an terrible trounce. Richard Spencer, unblemished supremacist and head of the National Policy Institute proclaims they feel been “legitimized” by the sschoice and that the sschoice of Trump has brought the so-called Alt-Right to “...a new level” (Posner). In occurrence,  The development of abhor knots has made the U.S. an increasingly smooth assign for nation of speciousness, especially immigrants. The surge of abhor knots in America gone the Obama government straightly correlates delay the escalation of race-based abhor crimes. According to a 2016 consider by the Center for the Consider of Abhor & Extremism, there was a 20% growth of abhor crimes delayin nine U.S. metropolitan areas (Smith, Trotta). Trump's anti-migration model, coupled delay his balancet menaces of arrival, are encouraging proceedings excellent levels of rage despite nation of speciousness. His utterance and operations are not scarcely making America smooth for immigrants and non-citizens, but for anyone who could stereotypically be perceived as such. Specifically, America is endly increasingly exposed for Muslims, regardhither of their denizenship or province of parentage. The Southern Poverty Law Center reputed anti-muslim abhor knots rose from 34 in 2015, to 101 in 2016 (SPLC). In 2015, which is the year that Trump began his belligerence, the FBI reputed a 67% growth in abhor crimes despite Muslims (SPLC). To frame matters worse, Trump issued magistrate prescribe 13769 on January 27, 2017; as-well-behaved known as the Muslim Ban. Although the ban on migration from sequal counties was rescinded on March 16, Muslim migrationlers endure to visage residual consequences, in and beyond of airports. In individualization to the dangers visaged by the soften in abhor crimes, manifold of society's most delicate immigrant knots now visage the menace of arrival. The Copious Operation for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was rescinded by the Trump government in September 2017. DACA allowed undocumented immigrants who entered the United States to bring-about a composition enjoin and a renewable copious operation from arrival. Those immigrants who are guarded beneath DACA are currently unsure of their advenient in this province. Abhor crimes, migration and the fair to succeed denizenship are aid linked due in enlightened divorce to unblemished nationalist knots. William Regnery, the fobeneath of the unblemished supremacist National Policy Institute, credits Trump for making “ aid sportive to chat encircling ‘unblemished dispossession,’” (Posner). Unblemished nationalists are genuinely alarmed of nation of speciousness (re: immigrants) “replacing” them in America. This grotesque and imagined menace is the commencement for manifold of the abhor crimes and address that are currently forcible non-unblemished Americans, as well-behaved-behaved as immigrants. Although America is lauded as a “melting pot”, manifold knots feel differing opinions on who does or does not belong. Trump’s sschoice to service has undeniably caused an growth in racism, unblemished nationalism, and abhor crimes. Kachroo-Levine explains her dismays conjuncture Trump is in effectiveness: “Conceivably, in the Trump era, I could be stopped in the street as a nonunblemished special and asked to consequence probation of residency,” (Kachroo-Levine). Although the American gregarious weather is agitate at best, all expectation is not obsolete for a aid additive advenient. A poll conducted by Gallup reveals that simply 35% of the U.S. population nonproductions migration to be curtaild: “Though intercepting illicit migration was one of the chairman's key belligerence promises, the unconcealed crave to curtail migration is nigh its recitative low in Gallup's bend balance aid than half a date.” (McCarthy). Works Cited “Hate Groups Increse For Second Consecutive Year as Trump Electrifies Radical Right.” Southern Poverty Law Center, 15 Feb. 2017, /2017/ 02/ 15/hate-groups-increase-second-consecutive-year-trump-electrifies-radical-right. Accessed November 11, 2017. Kachroo-Levine, Maya. “I'm a Canadian and I'm Applying for U.S. Citizenship.” Time, 10 Nov. 2016, Accessed November 11, 2017. McCarthy, Justin. “Overall U.S. Crave to Curtail Migration Unchanged in 2017.” Gallup, 27 June 2017, curtail-immigration- Unchanged-2017.aspx. Accessed November 11, 2017. Posner, Sarah. “'Radically Mainstream': Why the Alt-Right Is Celebrating Trump's Win.” Rolling Stone, 28 Nov. 2016, why-the -alt-right- is- Celebrating-trumps-win-w452493. Accessed November 11, 2017. Smith, Grant, and Daniel Trotta.” U.S. abhor crimes up 20 percent in 2016 fueled by sschoice   campaign-Report.” Reuters, 13 Mar. 2017, u-s-hate-crimes-up-20-percent-in-2016-fueled-by-election-campaign-report-idUSKBN16L 0BO. Accessed Novemeber 11, 2017.