APA style, 4 pages, Ethics in leadership research paper, due in 30 hours

 Assignment: Parameters of the tractate-  The tractate must be at last 4 pages. There are 3 areas for scrutiny and divers sub-questions you want to harangue. Overall scrutiny to acceptance in the assignment – Looking at the actions of President Trump and the Trump Administration after a while honor to harangue, policies and actions: Analyze the actions of President Trump and the administration by acceptanceing the aftercited scrutinys. You may use your subject (Transgender Ban) for models. 1. Using Rawls (1989) idea the disguise of empiricism, is there exemplification that the Trump administration has acted in its own shares when they should possess acted in the share of Society? 2. Price suggests that “according to Rawls, everyone must possess a correspondent and enclose standing when they encounter to persuade societal affairs,” suggesting that one would occupation separate their standing for other primitive chattels (those orderly according to Rawls). But Hill argues that we can afford ourselves to be treated in ways that appall our self-respect, ostensibly when we are in a residence where we are not being treated fairly and possess divergent objectives in the residence. He uses the model of the Self-Deprecating Slave and the Differential Wife. If, as Rawls suggests, we would not occupation our self-honor for a primitive good-natured, why do we afford leaders, including our President, to part benefits and for-this-reason act after a whileout esteem to the disguise or empiricism? Refer to Price, pages 130-134. Hint collective apposition doctrine. 3. In individualization to ignoring the disguise of empiricism, can you identify any conflicts of share that energy bias Trump’s decisions to seem over the disguise of empiricism?