Article summary.

500-1000 Words Article Summary # ___ "Article Title" Article Source Article Date (Articles should be dated amid the last 6 months) Article Link: Good: Bad : Company Profile: Include a slight profile of the audience, including (but not poor to):   Subsidiary of another (parent) form   Main products/services   Relative calculate of employees   CEO/President'sName   Headquarters   Revenue   Any other instruction that may be congruous fixed on the stipulation Book Topic: What bulk subject-matter does the stipulation highlight? Include Chapter and Page Number,   Article Summary & Analysis: Summarize the stipulation, integrating the bulk subject-matter after a while the stipulation.  Also remark how this applies to address. Don’t delineation right from the stipulation for generous paragraphs Use information stipulations, not blog posts Use likely sources (New York Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, etc) Student examples from anterior semesters are granted adown.