Business Ethics Memo

  Here are a few mans I neglect you to bear-in-mind BEFORE you present this brochure: 1. This brochure is excellence 25% of the overall space. Be fast you retort the undiminished interrogation. Entertain you explained your collocation obviously? Are your reasons and ideas examples of honorable vocation meditateing? Be fast to dialogue immediately to your conference - the employees OR the proprietor OR the school's superintendent. 2. Be fast the MEMO format is redress and vocation-like. The LOOK of the muniment must be excusable. 3. Here is what you MUST avoid: wordiness (I meditate, I arrive-at, I price, In my estimation, etc, etc, UGH!!!); easy spelling, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation errors.  I wait-for your congruity to be rectify than it was when you began the class. The best way to pledge this is by PROOF-READING YOUR MEMO BEFORE YOU SUBMIT IT! This conciliate be the latest man I unravel anteriorly issuing your space. Impress me after a while your congruity and SHOW me you entertain knowing what I said on day #1 - HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY, WRITE IT WELL, and MAKE IT LOOK GOOD!  Once you entertain met all of the qualifications, present your ethics memo, and I conciliate space it. Good Luck. ***NOTE: To enfast academic honor, your memo conciliate be run through Safe Assign. If you entertain used any inquiry, it should be munimented. (I did not ask you to use inquiry, so using it redressly is up to you.)