bussiness management

For this assignment, transcribe a literary-works criticism of three globalization theories: 1) cosmos-people-system assumption,           2) cosmos-people refinement assumption, and 3) cosmos-people sociality assumption. As you transcribe a literary-works criticism of these three theories, be unfailing to disway the following:  Indicate how desire the assumption has been used. Determine who patent clear the assumption Indicate how each assumption has patent clear balance period. Explain how each assumption is used in examination, and how each assumption can be applied to organizations today. Discuss how you can exonerate the impression of these theories and practices to affair situations today. Be unfailing to centre on analyzing and synthesizing the examination respecting the theories. Support your assignment delay at last five well-informed instrument. In specification to these specific instrument, other expend well-informed instrument, including older declaration, may be middle.  Length: 5 pages, not including name and allusion pages References: Include a restriction of five well-informed instrument.  Your literary-works criticism should prove anxious inducement of the ideas and concepts presented in the way by providing new thoughts and insights relating at-once to this theme. Your retort should image graduate-level fitness and APA standards.