case studies on cyber security

   1. In this fact examine, the general paradigm for cyber pawn is installed on refuge. Refuge depends on identifying vulnerabilities and applying countermeasures to counterpoise their possessions. These are multifarious human-installed activities whose results are fluctuating and not choice of according 100assurance. While used delay some result for components, applications, and standalone rule, the paradigm of refuge is scant for ensuring rule s, such as the nation’s hazardous infrastructure and DOS’s Global Counsel Grid. Explain how you would go about anticipating and avoiding the possessions of toil in solving this fact plan. 2.  This examine has to do delay a new origination of malware which has evaded stout cyber pawn products, which were engineered by very-much skilled programmers and showed that oral cyber pawn approaches are no longer adapted for resultive refuge. Tasked delay compensating very-much easily-affected axioms property, council cyber pawn teams must protect opposite these threats on a daily foundation. Explain how council cyber pawn teams would go about solving this new malware tenor. Note: APA format, 0% plagiarism, and all references should be from the years 2007 to give day. Total 3 pages instrument required (not including references) Note: The aloft two fact studies (1 and 2) scarcity counsel on each fact examine