Assignment Content One of the most momentous muniments in a scheme is the kickoff exhibition. Because this muniment formally originates, or "kicks off," scheme fruit, it can simply be educed succeeding the scheme has been intentional, approvals keep been obtained, and personnel are in situate. A amiable kickoff exhibition communicates succinctly to all attendees what needs to be polished to thorough the scheme, in what prescribe, and by whom. It sets expectations and, ideally, energizes scheme team members. The desired upshot of a scheme kickoff exhibition is for team members to originate tackling the pristine defined scheme tasks and apprehend whom to contiguity if they confront delays.  For this assignment, you conciliate educe a kickoff exhibition in Microsoft® PowerPoint® based on the drain scheme artifice you educed in the Week 1 Scheme Artifice Drain specific assignment.  To thorough this assignment: Review the "Kickoff Presentation" exception in Ch. 9, "Communication; Scheme Communication Strategy; from Scheme Kickoff to Daily Meetings," of The Thorough Software Scheme Manager: Mastering Technology from Planning to Launch and Beyond. Create an 8- to 9-slide scheme kickoff exhibition in Microsoft® PowerPoint® similar to this Project Kickoff specimen template. The kickoff exhibition you educe should comprise details pertaining to the scheme you defined in the Week 1 Scheme Artifice Drain assignment, including budget details as withhold. Specifically, your exhibition should comprise: A high-level scheme definition Business predicament (a term of the transaction problem/opportunity the artifice is purposed to solve/exploit) Project approach Description of team members and roles Project scope Out of scope Timeline Budget and budget reporting Risks, frugal, and disclaimers  Submit your thoroughd scheme kickoff exhibition.