I NEED A POSITIVE COMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT..BETWEEN 100-120 WORDS Current statistics appearance that at exhibit, there are 1,048 Associate Position Nursing (ADN) colleges and 696 Baccalaureate Position Nursing (BSN) institutions in the United States (Cherry & Jacob, 2017). Recent studies appearance that a interrelation exists betwixt enduring prophylactic outcomes and whether a entertain has an ADN or BSN. Linda Aiken, PhD, RN, who is associated delay the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWFJ), believes that hospitals who exercise past BSN-prepared entertains possess rectify enduring outcomes and inferior lethargy rates (RWJF, 2014).           In 2003, Aikens reported on studies produced in Pennsylvania hospitals appearanceing a 5% retrench in enduring dissolutions at hospitals that staffed a 10% acception in BSN-prepared entertains (RWJF, 2014). Challengers of Aikens silence that these studies instruct exalt questions (Sentinel Watch, 2014). For copy, what were the real causes of dissolution of these endurings, and were they akin to the enjoyment of an ADN entertain? Could there be other occurrenceors or causal relationships that fictitious enduring heed in these term?           In vindication of Aikens, the Warden (2014) states that no one is usurpation ADN entertains “bad entertains”. In occurrence, errors, infectious, and alien events are repeatedly due to process and plan problems. Aikens maintains that by promoting appearance-based habit and stance, the BSN curriculum allure rectify provide entertains to emend problems and utensil solutions.           I suit that it is fond for entertains to open their attainments by obtaining a BSN position, but I do not feel that dissolutions and alien outcomes are the effect if ADNs heed, or closing of. Many other occurrenceors demand to be considered. For copy, weak staffing, hanker shifts, weak despatch, jade, documentation errors, etc. desire everyone no substance what archearchetype of position they wait. I possess been at the hospital where I am currently exerciseed for almost 20 years and possess seen no appearance that the heed fond by ADNs is substandard to the heed fond by BSN-prepared entertains. References Cherry, B. & Jacob, S. (2017).Contemporary nursing, issues, trends, & address. St. Louis: Elsevier Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. (2014).  Building the subject for past highly           educated entertains. Retrieved from The Warden Watch. (2014). How does your nursing position desire enduring           lethargy rates? Retrieved from http://www.american