Consumer Behavior

  Determine a new bargain for an tangible fruit and refer your concept in the shape of a 17-slide Microsoft PowerPoint introduction. Creatively discussion the needs of customers is an significant sight of any businesses. Finding new customers for an tangible fruit is one shifting that can stretch a assembly prosperous. This duty collects an opening for you to put spoilr conduct theories into experience using a real-life development. By prosperously completing this duty, you get inmake your improvement in the forthcoming line competencies and duty criteria: Competency 1: Assess the role the customers feign to achieve, spoil, and prescribe of fruits and utilitys. Assess a assembly's manoeuvre to bargain a fruit, fixed on customer conduct concepts. Competency 2: Analyze spoilr conduct. Examine a bargain memberation and undeveloped customers for the use of a fruit. Competency 3: Assess the managerial application of customer conduct concepts. Analyze strategies and concepts that rule spoilr conduct. Develop a manoeuvre to bargain an tangible fruit to a new bargain member and customer.   Every assembly should invite new customers to tangible fruits as polite as compose finishedly new fruits. To that end, bargainers trust to compose fruits as ubiquitous as the iPod, or as recognizable as an Oreo. By construction spoilr conduct, bargainers can confront that investigate and collect answers to spoilrs' needs and wants suitableness besides generating a avail.    Determine a new bargain for an tangible fruit and refer your concept in the shape of a 17-slide Microsoft PowerPoint introduction. Once you bear clarified a fruit, compose a introduction that finisheds the forthcoming: Describe the fruit or utility you clarified. Examine and delineate the bargain memberation counsel. This includes the demographics and psychographics of the tangible customers for this fruit. Assess ways the fruit would bear to be beneficial to confront the needs of the new customers. Describe the demographic mark of the new customers. Describe the new bargain member you contemplation to stretch. Develop a manoeuvre for pricing this item to invite this new clientele. Your introduction should forego delay the forthcoming shapeat and fashion requirements.  Length: 17 PowerPoint slides. Style: The quotation side of the introduction must prosper APA guidelines. These fashion guidelines do not necessarily employ to charts, diagrams, or tables. References: You must use constitutional APA fashion and shapeatting when citing and creating references for your sources. Include a finished register of references, including books, Web sites, creed, and other instrument.