Country Project Information

   Country  :  Kosovo  Country Design Notice and Grading Criteria 1. A province has been assigned to you. Familiarize yourself delay the culture, persons and bloom method of your province through irrelative publicly beneficial media including journals, books, published reports, foundation/design websites, technical reports, consultation archives and postulatessets. All rises should be well named and intimationd in APA mode when used. 2. Read the Grading Criteria on the contiguous page. Make assured you supervene each aim and address each of the posteritys excited. Put headings/sub-headings in your brochure to aid you enassured you hit all aims. 3. Use probable, published rises of notice for your lore. These may comprise: · Province Government websites · International Agencies’ websites (e.g. World Bloom Organization, etc.) · Published reports (e.g. Bloom Systems in Transitions Reports, etc.) · Journal articles · Progress textbook · Other books · Personal interviews (if potential) delay natives of your design province A narrowness of six (6) irrelative rises of notice and postulates is required. All media should be properly named and intimationd using the APA format.  Every portion that you transcribe must feel at meanest one citation from the rise(s) of notice you used. If you use over than one rise for that portion each rise must be named.  The superveneing website      commmerely referred to as Purdue OWL is a very serviceable direct for using APA      format. Go to:       GRADING CRITERIA Points Possible   Format/Layout (20 aims)   Title page: Comprise   title of your design, your manifest, progress, and a garblinged likeness of your   country’s faint. Be creative! This page is not interjacent in the page sum.   Abstract: One   page (one portion 200-250 suffrage) of a abstract assertion of the abstract of   the design. This page is not interjacent in the page sum.   Appropriate   use of figures to introduce your notice: You may comprise a ultimatum of three graphs/charts/pictures merely (not   including the faint on the clothe page). Clearly manifest the rise(s) of your   figures.   Times   New Roman, font magnitude 12, font garbling black, enfold spaced. Follows   requirements of tediousness yet clothe page and intimation page(s): Not less than 8 pages but not over than 12   pages. Please comprise page bulk.   Main Text/Content/Information ()   1. Introduce the   Country: Geographic location, Population, Environment, Economic factors, etc.   2. Discuss Bloom   Indicators: Birth admonish, history expectancy, non-existence admonish   3. Describe the   healthwariness method of the province: How is bloomwariness delivered? 4. How it is   financed? Comprise an overview of admission, absorb and character of wariness inferior this   system.    5. Make a similitude   between this province and the United States on the foundation of great aspects   of a bloom wariness including elder challenges faced by the US bloomwariness   system.   6. Identify a elder   bloom height that is oppositeness this province: Discuss in particular whether or not   this height is global or restricted to this province nondescript.    7. Discuss the quantity   of the bloom height and introduce the political, cultural, economic and any   other pertinent factors that you apprehend contributed to the height in this   country.  5   8. Explain types and   levels of browbeating posed to the United States by the bloom height faced by   this province. In other suffrage, in the treatment of global bloom, why should the   USA or any other people be watchful about the bloom posterity you descriptive?   9. Discuss how the   healthwariness method of your design province is equipped in solving this   problem.    10. Suggestions/Recommendations that effectiveness aid amend bloom outcomes   in the province you elaborate. You may mean bloomwariness method changes that   get aid in neat the character of wariness and hinderance of this bloom   problem.    11. Clarity of sentences and portions, structure and closeness of   ideas, fluency, sequencing Spelling, style, and use of English   References and Use of intimations (APA STYLE) (10 aims)   The   notice introduceed appears inveterate on warinessful lore. Use of at meanest six   scholarly/peer reviewed intimations.   APA   format superveneed for in-text   citations and intimations.  Credit   must be consecrated for intimations and rises of notice.    You must name your rises of notice using APA format in the   body of your brochure. Evidence   of Plagiarism (Check your Safe Assign   Score; Fix any posteritys and then resubmit your brochure, if not you may abandon at   meanest  points and may be material to other penalties associated delay   Academic Misconduct. No aims get be smitten off for the intimations   highlighted in your Safe Assign Report.