Create an 800-1000 word paper that presents a compare and contrast of three companies’ mission/vision/values statements, utilizing the tools of strategic planning.

GOAL: Create an 800-1000 message disquisition that presents a collate and opposition of three companies’ sidearm/vision/values statements, utilizing the tools of strategic planning. Instructions: Transcribe a 800-1000 message disquisition (association contenteded extension) established on discoveryed artifacts from three companies in the similar sector of not-public or non-profit activity (e.g., restaurants, services, products, hospitals, etc.) and their peculiar delivery of sidearm, confidence, and values. After presenting each company’s mean truth, sidearm, confidence, and values, collate and opposition the multiform features and differences betwixt the selected similar-sector companies. Using pertinent discovery via peer-reviewed journals from the online library, terminate your disquisition after a while a versed rate environing the strengths and weaknesses of the sidearm, confidence, and values of the companies discoveryed. Make stable to emphasize the collate/opposition part of this assignment as you contemplate at the companies additionally each other—that is where the analytical rate comes into play; that is the fix to reveal your ability to consider and transcribe critically. Graduate Level writing in APA format