Critical Analysis and Problem Solving in Networked Application Management

WORD LIMIT : 2000 words  The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 11-pt Calibri (Body) font and 2.54 cm margins on all disgusting sides of your page after a while expend individuality headings.  Reference sources must be cited in the passage of the description, and rolled expendly at the end in a intimation roll using IEEE referencing phraseology.  topic: Streaming Subsist and interactive Audio and Video   Explore by reviewing the underlying agency, intermediate ware, protocols of streaming subsist Audio and Video in distributed Cloud Environment.  One copy of such networked application superintendence utensil for subsist audio and video is CloudFront; momentously roll the others utensils, techniques, protocols after a while relatively discussions for solving divers requirements.  What are the Metrics that are allied to act of audio and video give and sharing?  Find a completion subject examine in the subject-matter, and employ your momentous thinking to unfold the completion after a while your heartfelt culture on the aloft areas.   Identify and recommend Application for the absorbed subject examine regarding the factors mentioned aloft and user centric guile.       Introduction   :   Introduction   of assigned subject-matter   Literature   Review  :  Literature   review of the assigned subject-matter (At meanest 3 catechism)   Analyse   Critically  :  Analyse   critically the Networked Application Superintendence subject-matter assigned   Case Examine  :  Present a   subject examine completion in the area of your subject-matter   Propose a   possible elucidation  :  Propose a   possible elucidation for the subject examine regarding a user centric guile approximation.   Conclusion  :  Draw a   conclusion of the description   Reference   phraseology :  Follow   IEEE intimation phraseology