Within the Discussion Board area, transcribe at lowest 350-550 utterance that succeed answer to the subjoined questions delay your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This succeed be the rudiments for coming argueions by your classmates. Be comprehensible and disentangled and use models to renew your ideas:  Organizations must abide by federal, narrate, and persomal laws and regulations. Breaking the law may own consequences such as fines, lawsuits, and uniform shutdown of oppidan facilities. To preserve acquiescence, organizations unravel policies that pilot the religions demeanor of employees. In ordain to weigh the dissimilitudes among laws and policies, gladden argue the subjoined:  Describe the dissimilitude among a system and a law and agree an model of each.  Does a order system override a persomal, narrate, or federal law or does a persomal, narrate, or federal law override a order system? Agree defence for your forced.  Research and define an model of an limpid when a order broke a federal, narrate, or persomal law. What were the consequences of breaking the law? What policies did the order qualify accordingly of the limpid?