Deliverable 1 – Agenda-Setting Theory

  Competency Analyze the disconnection of political resources standards and practices and how it relates to the virtual demand for practice of political resources, along after a while intellectual concerns. Instructions Many community get all or most of their information from political resources. For this scheme, we are going to be analyzing the contenteded of sundry political resources posts from senior information sources, paying detail regard to political resources standards, practices, and practice. Where do you get your information? Start by going to one senior information post's FACEBOOK page (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc.) Try another unanalogous information post's TWITTER recover, and third elect another political resources post such as Reddit, Pinterest, or another (preferably one you use, if there is one). Analyze the posts in a 3-5 page whole monograph. In your separation, be unquestioning to conceive the following: General importation to your thoughts on the political resources you studied Several political resources practices you observed (e.g., what gets the most interaction?) Examples of practice of political resources and argument of such practice (Is it amiable, bad, or lukewarm? How could mood shift the locality?) Analysis of intellectual concerns (e.g., can you see examples of partiality?) What is the amelioration of each post – how do users look to corcorrespond to debatable items? (Is racism or disclosed mocking ignored or pursued?) Conclusion of your findings