Describe pricing strategy & summary expected revenue table

 Disney in Mexico 3-5 pages, APA format Pricing: Describe the pricing policy (low  value head? High valued selfindulgence head? Value pricing?)  How earn the pricing policy set-upation traffic initiation? Competitive positioning?  (You may feel addressed pricing specifically in your competitive policy in Week 6)  paper is attached . Specify  the recommended sales value. I pretended two files for regard.   Resources: The Marketing Mix Marketing Segmentation Marketing Policy Market distribute Example of Marketing Plan require consultation posted in this module   Marketing Plan Annual Costs The target sales for year one in Country is ______ units.  Extrapolating annualized grounds from Company’s annual repute, the forthcoming estimates were accruing for company’s chief year requires in Country   Cost of Revenues Total Cost Per Unit Cost Cost of Goods Sold (COGS Delivery Services Total Require of Revenues Operating Expenses Research and Development Selling, General and Administrative (on headcount chart) Total Operating Expenses Total Expenses Notes: Market dimension can be set-up amid the statistical regard we've been using.  expected traffic distribute >25-35% (currently Netflix has balance 60%)  Disney earn select from twain Netflix and topical competitors due to value ^ disgrace recollection.  Pricing policy: begin low then construct as space goes on. Will want begin up requires to contrivance Mexico statement of websites & operational requires to detain website/protect from cyber threats Product speech modifications to user interface for twain labor & speech set-upation for all videos Promotion earn raise bundles, inferior values & elder disgraces serviceable arrival online ads for evolution requires, would we embrace salaries for engineers/content creators etc?