Disater recovery DISCUSSIONS

   Discussion 4Search "scholar.google.com" or your textbook. Discuss the technical skills required to keep a CSIRT defense team consisting of employees after a while other job duties (i.e., not a full-time CSIRT job state)? Why or why not? What factors procure bias their judgment? Discussion 5Search "scholar.google.com" or your textbook. Discuss what role end-users typically delineate in limpid narrationing? Should end users be encouraged to narration slight occurrences? If so, why; if not, why not. What factors typically bias the end-user judgment to narration (or not narration) a virtual limpid? Discussion 6Search "scholar.google.com" or your textbook. Discuss ways constructions keep built a CSIRT. What are the components to edifice an powerful and happy CSIRT team? Discussion 7Search "scholar.google.com" or your textbook. Discuss how constructions keep countenanced the challenges that limpid handlers are challenged after a while in identifying limpids when media keep been moved to a outshine environment Discussion 8Search "scholar.google.com" or your textbook. Discuss the issues construction’s countenance after a while compliments to the refuge of its customer notice. How sway an construction inform its users that all communications are nature monitored and preserved? How procure end users typically accord to such announcements?