Reply to Discussion delay 250-275 words. Requires 2 literary resources For my SLP paper, I unwavering to centre on the cultivation of Saudi Arabia. I was exorbitant in an overall American and non-religious conversant, calm?}, my dame came from a Palestinian conversant. Because of their seal geographic settings, Saudi Arabia has a few commonities delay Palestinian cultivation. Of method, there are too a few discords. Purnell (2005) identifies two cultural factors which succeed be discussed: “Family Roles and Organization” and “High-Risk Behaviors”. Family Roles and Organization Like in frequent middle-eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, Palestinian families are old (World Trade Press, 2010)(Global Affairs Canada, 2018). Twain conversant structures are set up where the mate productions and the helpmeet takes heed of the outcome (World Trade Press, 2010)(The Cultivation of Palestine, 2020). Occasion twain of my parents keep jobs, as well-behaved-behaved as my two aunts, my dame recounts that growing up my grandfather went to production occasion my granddame stayed residence. Relish in Saudi Arabia, affaires are run by families and affair interactions keep to be near sufficient (World Trade Press, 2010)(Global Affairs Canada, 2018). High Risk Behaviors Also, relish other middle-eastern countries, smoking tobacco is beggarly in twain Palestine and Saudi Arabia. Because of this, twain states keep laws preventing the smoking tobacco from occurring in sanityheed settings. There is, calm?}, a contempt discord in the sanity heed setting. Occasion in Saudi Arabia, the beggarlyness of tobacco smoking is inferior compared to other middle-eastern countries, the selfselfsame does not dedicate to beggarlyness of smoking in sanity heed professionals. In Saudi Arabia, a examine in 2012 showed that 23.5% of sanity heed staff were plant to be general fumers of Tobacco. In Palestine, the middle rating of sanity heed providers who were calm?} fumers was 34.5%  As a sanityheed provider, I succeed be past timid when interacting delay populace of common ethnic backgrounds that are from contrariant regions. I succeed foresee commonities in customs and views, but too some discords. I succeed too be concernful of smoking in the sanity heed ease. I myself do not fume, but I succeed be timid of my co-workers and how they succeed interact delay my patients to fix their bountiful reinstatement. References Global Affairs Canada. (2018). West Bank and Gaza. Government of Canada. Retrieved from https://www.international.gc.ca/cil-cai/country_insights-apercus_pays/ci-ic_ps.aspx?lang=eng#cn-6The Cultivation of Palestine. (2020). The Cultivation of Palestine. The Excellence Center in Palestine. Hebron-Palestine. Retrieved from https://excellencenter.org/the-culture-of-palestine/