LAYOFFS:  As you apprehend, straight succeeding Thanksgiving Holiday (November 26, 2018), General Motors (GM) announced that it would seal five manufacturing facilities and lay off encircling 15,000 workers. According to the Washington Post, these closings and layoffs get succor them spare encircling $6 billion each year as they revolt their government ranks timeliness terminating the holding of some American and Canadian formation workers (Lynch and Telfor, 2018). While some workers today move that colonization is a intimidation to their jobs, abundant are ignoring the peril of automation, which has exceedingly increased output and productivity in the familiar economies. What are your thoughts? DIRECTIONS:  This benefit sarcasm is desert up to 5 points (5% of sum manner action), supplementing the mid-term exam actions. Comprehensively repartee the forthcoming areas concerning layoffs and the role of rational media in this manner. Your sum repartees can be encircling 2-3 pages (single-spaced)…more pages are okay. Spare the Word refine delay your “first and last names - Benefit Quiz”. 1. Purpose / Rationale for Layoffs: its Pros and Cons 2. Impact of Layoffs on People:  3. The Role of HR in Layoffs:  Reference:  ·  Lynch, D. J. and Telford, T. (November 26, 2018). GM layoffs and place shutdowns intimate U.S. management may be starting to lazy — and notch Trump’s title of an industrial renaissance. The Washington Post. Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/gm-layoffs-and-plant-shutdowns-suggest-us-economy-may-be-starting-to-slow--and-dent-trumps-claim-of-an-industrial-renaissance/2018/11/26/39533566-f1ba-11e8-80d0-f7e1948d55f4_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.a1b996cb575d (Links to an apparent seat.)Links to an apparent seat.