Discussion Airspace

 Post your exculpation to ONE of the following: APA title, references, one page  Scenario 1 The Department of Defense (DOD) wishes to assign a enlightened stop of airspace balance North Dakota to the unpopular use of soldierly unmanned aircraft systems. Can the DOD singly state that airspace off limits to well-mannered aircraft? If not, how must the DOD receipts if it wishes to end that external? Will spirited people and organizations, such as the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, enjoy an opening to direct their opinions environing the incomplete alter? If so, how? Scenario 2 For a community or confederation of communitys other than the U.S.: Identify the council warrant or authorities lawful for governing the communityal airspace and guiding air commerce. Compare and contrariety the categories of airspace delay those of the U.S. feeling in the citation. Compare and contrariety procedures in use for changing airspace categorizations delay those of the U.S. Administrative Procedure Act. If any incomplete alters to your answers to the chief 2 bullets overhead are now below compensation, picture them and evaluate the pros and cons of each Provide hyperlinks to references relied on.