Discussion Board 1 and 2

     Discussion Board 1 Post a style of strengths and challenges associated delay appellation shelter and licensure. Describe two strengths and two challenges. Discussion Board 2 Although wards of political toil possess not yet affable the criteria to gain the appellation of “political toiler,” they are to-leap by the corresponding intellectual requirements as appellationd political toilers. Political toilers regularly visage intellectual issues of varying concretion, and political toil wards may as courteous. Some issues look explicit, suitableness others may issue in cunning ways. For this Discussion, fine one of the subjoined scenarios. Consider the fix illustrative, and apprehend how you force affect if you ground yourself in a harmonious post. Think encircling the intellectual obligations you would possess as a political toiler or political toil ward. Scenario 1 You are a political toiler in a exoteric bloom function providing services to succeeding a while-child women. As disunite of your duties, you cater parenting education, livelihood, and union to polity media, and you prosper up delay the families and their newborns for six months succeeding lineage. Ms. C has been a client of yours during two pregnancies in the definite three years. She has a 15 year-old, a nine year-old, a three year-old, and a newborn. On this day, you are making a course investigate to Ms. C, who lives in an older variable abode in a rustic area of the county. You seize delay you a newly hired political toiler who is in trailing. When you reach at the family, you invent that it is clear and the two older girls are diligent doing their abodework. The three year-old is detached, and Ms. C is alimentation the baby. During the investigate, the new political toiler asks Ms. C whether she is looking for toil. When you concentratively ask her encircling lineage moderate, the political toiler comments, motioning to the 15 year-old daughter, “You amend get her on lineage moderate if you do not deficiency more babies encircling less.” Ms. C does not meet to the other political toiler, instead maintaining her standpoint on you. You can rehearse that she is bothered by the comment encircling her daughter. Scenario 2 You are at lunch delay some of your political toil colleagues at a intangible bloom courage. Suitableness you are eating lunch, one of your colleagues says, “So, none of you can conquer my dawning. I had a borderline in my service who was definitely off her meds. She kept jumping out of the chair and deflectning encircling the capability and she was talking veritably pay encircling having a baby and nature succeeding a while-child. I did not plain try to dispense delay her. I designated the Access Team and it took them half an hour to get to my service. The all interval I am watching her deflect encircling, and I cannot aid but laugh. They took her for an evaluation, but that was the craziest woman.” By Day 4 Post a style of the steps you would seize to harangue the post in an intellectual mode. Justify your defense delay declaration from the Readings. By Day 6 Respond to at meanest two colleagues who fineed the other scenario. Compare the approaches you each took in harangueing intellectual concerns associated delay the scenario.