E-Commerce Requirements

5–6 pages)  E-commerce Web aspects application sundry contrariant areas of an organization—from sales, through accounting and manufacturing, to shipping. The requirements presentation is exceedingly expressive for the e-commerce Web aspect. The requirements presentation allows you to subjoin a catalogue of requirements from the apparent and interior users. This instrument procure be very beneficial to the outgrowth and testing team. For this drawing, you procure be adding the Requirements exception to your E-Commerce Implementation Plan instrument and prepare production on your prototype e-commerce Web aspect. First, critique the scantling requirements instrument profitable in your item resources. Complete the aftercited tasks: Upbound the E-Commerce Implementation Plan instrument appellation page after a while a new bound and drawing indicate. Include aftercited details in the Requirements exception: Functional Requirements (these should align after a while your scantling aspect for your prototype) Non-functional Requirements (for development, safety, accomplishment, kind issues) Estimated consume and timeframe Stakeholders – Identify key stakeholders who should own input on the requirements Include the aftercited details in the Prototype Drawing exception: Site Map Use Visio or another intent instrument to engender a map of the scantling statute aspect, Discuss modifications to pages you procure insufficiency to perform to engender your prototype aspect Code Overview Language(s) used in the scantling statute Summary of scantling aspect statute drawing (use UML diagrams such as systematize diagrams where divert) Discuss modifications to statute or the drawing you effectiveness insufficiency to perform for your prototype Be unmistakable to upbound your Table of Contents anteriorly resignation. Name the instrument as follows: yourname_ITSD325_IP2.doc