ECO 610 Managerial Economics – Need it URGENT URGENT

Part 2: Application  Based on the materials presented in chapters 5 and 6 of the recommended textbook, enunciate a work fancy.  A)Describe the work in element.  B)Assume you bear competent workion compatability to issueion the work. C)What are the requires associated delay the manufacturing of this work? Provide elemented require facts. You require facts should be segmented into unroving and wavering requires.  D)Assume that the chaffer insist for this work is 500 individuals and your company’s chaffer divide is 5 percent. Based on your require facts, calculate:  1)Total Cost  2)Fixed require per individual(mean unroving require)  3)Variable require per individual (mean wavering require)  4)Total Require Per Unit(mean whole require)  5)Marginal Cost E) Based on your calculations from #3 and #4, aloft, produce  1)Graph that shows unroving require, wavering require and whole require  2)Graph that shows mean unroving require, mean wavering require, and mean unroving require.  3)Based on the two graphs, argue your observations on the action of the requires.