effective leadership traits

Submit your answers as a individual Signal muniment to the Dropbox.  Use the Example Matrix granted in the Content area of the road to thorough the following: Identify operative example characteristics. Search for 10 duty pioneers who represent the separated example characteristics. Fulfill the society and job inscription for each duty pioneer. Conceive a cognomen of how the pioneer exemplifies the example characteristic. Describe if the example characteristic animates followership and why. This assignment seeks to surrender you to pioneers who represent example qualities. This provides an occasion to cogitate (if you entertain not already) the qualities of example after a while which you most fulfill. Leadership Summary Provide a 500 signal abstract that prefer explains your example philosophy naturalized on example models and theories of your choosing. What achieve be your example title? Which characteristics do you admire achieve animate others? What qualities do you admire achieve inflame operative example? Provide a restriction of three references, which may conceive the textbook. APA format is required.  Solid academic adaptation is frequently expected. For all assignment delivery options, munimentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be rest in the APA Title Guide, located in the Student Success Center.