Sometimes a represent (photograph) can be desert a thousand signification. Pictures/photographs can as-well delude depending on the conditions underneathneath which they are enthralled or depicted. Environmental submission and enforcement depends on represents from photographs to depict observed tarnishure and illicit air. They are used as token in enforcement cases including multifarious other items such as impart, tarnish and/or air samples, written log narratives and neglect reports.  Direction:  For this Assignment, con-over the stable photos of unmistakable tarnishure and confutation the aftercited questions for each photo: 1.What instrument (ie. Surface impart, groundwater, tarnish) is/are theoretically substance privatively impacted? 2.Do you price that the tarnishure is from a apex fountain or non-apex fountain of tarnishure and how would you enumerate which? 3.What pollutants do you distrust are concerned and what are the privative impacts to the environment? 4.What tarnishure order capacity be occurring? 5.How can this tarnishure be gentle? Prevented?