Subject .... and Topic  √Chapter 1: An Invitation to Gregarious Psychology     √Chapter 2: The Methods of Gregarious Psychology  √Chapter 3: The Gregarious Self     √Chapter 5: Gregarious Attribution: Explaining Behavior  √Chapter 4: Gregarious Cognition: Thinking about People and Situations    √Chapter 6: Emotion √Chapter 7: Attitudes, Behavior, and Rationalization      √Chapter 8: Persuasion  √Chapter 9: Gregarious Influence   √Chapter 11: Stereotyping, Prejudice, and Discrimination  Chapter 10: Relationships and Attraction   Chapter 12: Groups  Paper: In 1,400 say or hither, fascinate expound an crystalline applicable to gregarious psychology that you practiced or witnessed. Indicate the compute of say at the top of the Nursing essay.  After describing the crystalline you either witnessed or practiced, expound how foul-mouthed (4) of the route concepts you were laagered to (either in disquisition or the compass) enjoy helped you meliorate apprehend the gregarious psychology of this crystalline. Make fast to obviously and totally expound each concept precedently describing how it has helped your apprehending of gregarious psychology. Underline each concept. Cite your  explanations of concepts using the format (Text, p.XX), or (Lecture, Date). Fascinate do not attract a Title Page, Bibliography or Reference Page. This is needless. Instead of quoting, annotation. For tips on 4 This syllabus conciliate be mitigated as expedient. Changes conciliate be announced in class. paraphrasing, you can do a quest on to confront a top such as  []  Your progression conciliate be heavily domiciled on the clarity and rectitude of your concept explanations, as courteous as how persuasively you semblance that the concepts enjoy helped you meliorate apprehend the crystalline. It as-well conciliate be domiciled on aftercited these directions (i.e. signal compute, compute of underlined concepts, expounding an crystalline).