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Assignment Content Your leading performing and tenured director of a 20-person office unexpectedly submitted their two weeks’ give-heed-to. Your next-most tenured employee in the office has singly 2 years of habit. Additionally, there is a main hospital obligation in your area that seems to bear the foremost eliminate recruiting the ability you insufficiency. Develop a 3- to 4-page strategic artfulness that outlines priorities and steps to pacify the contact of your employees' quick non-appearance. Propose a reinforcement artfulness to gorge the directorial lie. Develop a pre-boarding checklist and an onboarding artfulness covering an employee’s foremost 30, 90, and 180 days delay deed metrics. Identify policies and practices that could bear been put in assign to proactively forsake this top. Cite at last 3 estimable references to livelihood your assignment (e.g., exchange or perseverance publications, empire or performance websites, scholarly works, or other sources of concordant kind). Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.