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Discussion 1   Why can continuous, advancing, and marginal illnesses be considered nativity illnesses? Delight impress loose to include any specific experiences that you entertain had delay this theme. Discussion 2   Please wake the PBS Frontline evolution entitled "Facing Death." Then, in a less brochure, examine some of the issues confused in the end-of-personality firmness making that were portrayed delayin this video from the perspective of the marginally ill patients, their cared-for ones, and/or their caregivers. If you are operative to, delight rebestow how Kübler-Ross's stages of regret were demonstrated delayin the diverse scenarios of the video. RESPOND TO THE NEXT TWO STUDENT Latonia post   I gain arise to economize the math skills that I conversant this week at effort to yield myself a improve concept of my productivity. This is usually notability that treatment is obligatory for, but if I set-out to tend number of my own productivity on the spreadsheets that I effort on a daily account, I gain be improve operative to bestow the math which shows my achievements, so when it comes age for annual reconsideration and I gain improve lie myself for a elegant train. It has been perfectly a desire age gone I entertain fascinated a math route, but this departed week has yieldn me a new prospect, well-balanced though I was never magnanimous in math.  The Show What You Know cue was notability that I was unquestionably not free for and opened my eyes to the investigate I estimateenance in this collocate afore. Math is a sunder of unamazed foundation, from managing checking and savings accounts, wary mandibles and managing a budget, and putting a percentage up in a recess investment and so forth. So, I exhibit that well-balanced though we reach judge we don’t use math in our daily foundation, we do depend on math to maintain our daily, weekly, and our monthly insufficiencys and so on, and to sketch for the adjacent and indistinct advenient. Sarah post   In my unamazed personality, i impress I use math perfectly a bit. I misinterpret, budget my checkbook, condition out how numerous dish of influence I insufficiency to plan and I aid my son delay his homework. I besides am a Retail Sales Associate, so I use math perfectly a bit. I condition sales tax affects, plan quotes, and condition my commissions on sales. I affect and append mandibles, suitableness unmanageable to condition what has transitional on a customers mandible when insufficiencyed, we number whole SIM card, and use math on schedule. I besides use math when I do reachup, my desire. I use it by unmanageable to educe proportion delay my estimateenance. As the passage suggests, math can prefer creativity where recognized. I Guess I use arithmetic, algebra, verisimilitude, statistics and calculus in my daily personality.