Please use all attachments  Reference: Burkholder, D. M., & Nash, N. B.  (2013). Special populations in vigor prudence [Electronic rendering].  Please Respect Due Dates Everything Needs to be APA Disucussion One (DUE 6/20) After balbutiation Chapter 7 and the required instrument for this week, think the aftercited scenario: HIV Help-Inc., a non-profit form focusing on the stoppage of HIV/AIDS fair accepted a $10 pet confer to capital sundry projects.  The form is runningly located in an older structure that needs great repairs. The form is using outdated service equipment In attention, one attentional staff limb is needed in dispose to sustain up after a while incoming phone calls and requests for presentations and unity outthrust activities. A interest of the confer - $2 pet - is allotted for occupation rectifyments which can disroad one of these three areas: repairs to structure, outdated service equipment, and over staff. The retaining $8 pet is to be used to prefer repair the continuum of prudence roll to contribute mode to repugnant vigor services. Section A: Create a require behoof partition for an update that achieve rectify the occupation: structural, service equipment, or staff. You can be supposititious in determining what the occupation needs.  The require achieve use the liberal sum of capitals allotted to this rectifyment ($2 Million), so you can simply rectify one of these three needs Note: Your employment must involve Steps 1-4, as outlined in exception 7.2 of your road citation.   Section B: Create a require operative partition to individualize how to best squander the $8 pet interest of the confer capitaling on information and other repugnant services.  The form runningly serves the unity and clientele after a while unity information classes at schools and unity centers, as polite-mannered-mannered as the classification of condoms and informational symbolicals. They longing to extend their running services to thrust the adjacent unity (4,000 residents), add gregarious media advertising and messaging to thrust the younger population, part informational symbolical and condoms to homeless shelters in the area, and add HIV testing to at-expose people. Select two of the virtual services and individualize how the coin can be best gone-by to keep the highest issue for the HIV+ population in the unity. Note: Your employment must disroad the requires as polite-mannered-mannered as the anticipated behoofs, as outlined in exception 7.2 of your road citation Section C: Based on the  CDC website (Links to an visible position.)Links to an visible position., excite how cultural norms impression the expose of getting HIV.  Explain one way or resuscitation on how to disroad this summon. Your judicious offering should be 250 to 300 control in tediousness. Use special APA formatting Discussion Two (DUE 6/20) As highlighted in Chapter 9 of your road citation, three investigation ways are advantageous (descriptive, analytic, and evaluative). Discuss these ways and afford one model of how each would be used when conducting investigation using homeless people as subjects. Excite regulatory, accreditation, divine, and lawful issues and summons cognate to each investigation way.   Your judicious offering should be 250 to 300 control in tediousness. Your investigation and claims must be protected by your road citation and at meanest one other conversant origin. Use special APA formatting