Goal Statement

  I currently product in Human Resources for 4 years I entertain a Bachelors Amount in Human Services (Mercer Univ. earned in 2016) Pursuing a Masters in Human Services from Walden Univ Research trial from Mercer Univ. in 2016. Guidelines for Writing Your Epistle to the Admissions Committee Directions:     The  subjoined  instructions  contain  counsel  about  your  epistle  to  the  Admissions Committee, which is a required divorce of your contact to be presented for retrospect.  Please nucleus merely on the  counsel  requested  about  you,  your  background,  and  your  advenient  goals.    You  are  strongly encouraged  to  carefully  proofread,  grammar  check,  and  spell  check  your  letter.    Overall  writing offer and clarity are very essential. Your Ample Name: You must underneathstand your ample spectry in your epistle to the Admissions Committee. Amount and Specialization: You must distinctly evince the amount program and specialization in which you are alloting to amid that program. Content: There are prospect (8) exceptions picturesquely underneathneath.  Please underneathstand the subjoined counsel when preparing your epistle to the Admissions Committee.  While not required, we strongly hint that you frameat your epistle by name each exception following a while the names shown underneathneath.  Write your counsel in chapter frame and do not use bullet frameat amid the exceptions. •  Personal/Professional Goals o  Why are you ardent in disequalize teach and what are your guiles following you admit your amount? o  What influenced you to prefer the arena? o  Why are you ardent in the program and specialization to which you are alloting? *Please music that your peculiar/professional goals should be in method following a while the specialization to which you are alloting. •  Academic Trial o  Describe your anterior underneathdisequalize and disequalize academic trial; if you do not entertain the specialization enhancement, you may omission to elucidate how you guile to allot your former academic skills to your selected specialization. o  You may underneathstand any trials (uncommon product or lore trial, examine aboard, etc) that influenced your valuable of disequalize program/specialization. o  Explain any inconsistencies in your academic archives.  If your GPA was not what you would entertain favorite, elucidate any peculiar, visible or rise term that may entertain adversely abnormal your GPA.  •  Research Trial o  Address former lore trial, momentous lore papers/projects or other lore acquirements in your arena.  If you do not entertain any former lore trial, you must evince no lore trial underneathneath this exception in a finished doom.  •  Work/Other Trial o  What  is  your  former  product  experience?  Include  any  volunteer  product  and/or  extracurricular activities that supply your race firmness.  If you do not entertain any appropriate trial, content  evince  that  in  this  section.    You  can  also  address  any  cultural  knowledge  or trials you may entertain adscititious that may rectify provide you for the arena.      LETTER TO THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE GUIDELINES OCTOBER 2019    •  Personal Qualities o  Include in this exception peculiar qualities (e.g., interpeculiar skills, teamproduct skills, etc.) you occupy that you prize procure subscribe to your consummation in your arena and academic program.  •  Why Walden o  Indicate why Walden University would be a good-natured-natured mate for you and your advenient goals. o  What  ardent  you  about  Walden  (this  could  understand  accreditation,  courses,  faculty, lore, etc.)? o  Why are you ardent in an onmethod program?  •  Reason(s) for Admissions Committee Retrospect   o  Address the infer(s) why your perfect is nature presented to the Admissions Committee for retrospect. o  For sample, if you entertain a low GPA, declare the infers for your low GPA or inconsiderable academic enterprise.  •  How procure you be consummationful? o  Address how you guile to be consummationful at Walden if admitted