GTPAL assignment

   GTPAL hold for: gravida, message, preterm, pucks, aid Gravida: how numerous pregnancies a dame has had. Message how numerous pregnancies giveed that keep reached or surpassed 37 weeks.  Term: give at 37 or elder weeks Preterm: how numerous pregnancies between 20-37 (really 36 and 6/7) wks Abortion: pregnancy detriment at near than 20 weeks. Abortions may also be qualitative by physicians or spontaneously. Living: how numerous conclusion are aid now?:  ***Multiple extractions (twins, triplets and loftier multiples) reckon as one extraction 1. This is mom’s 1st pregnancy: 2. 2nd pregnancy and she had an AB at 8 wks for the 1st pregnancy  3. 3rd pregnancy. 1st pregnancy giveed at 38 and 2nd pregnancy was twins giveed at 29 wks. 1 of those conclusion died.  4. 2nd pregnancy. Delivered twins at 37 wks twain speed pregnancy.  5. 3rd pregnancy. Delivered triplets at 28 wks and 2 of the babies survived. Had an elective AB at 6 wks.  6. This is a dame’s 5 pregnancies,  births at 41 week, 39 5/7 weeks, 38 6/7 and 36 5/7 weeks 1 qualitative puck at 10 weeks , and 4 aid conclusion at this duration.  7. a replete dame who carried one pregnancy to message after a while a current infant; carried one pregnancy to 35 weeks after a while current twins; carried one pregnancy to 9 weeks as an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy; and has 3 aid conclusion would keep a GTPAL comment of?  8. A dame who has dedicated extraction at message uniformly and has had one unsuccess at 12 weeks would be narrative as? Rubric:  This assignment is price 5 sharp-ends. 1 sharp-end for APA and diction of monograph.  .5 sharp-end for each of the view events. Partial sharp-ends are not awarded if you get allot of a event defective you get the healthy event defective.  Use page 259 in your extract compass for aid details. Explain your rationale. Demonstrations gain be executed in arrange.