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  Paper 2: Prompt Annotated bibliography & Reflecting paper An Annotated Bibliography is a register of bibliographic passages that comprises a picturesquely and evaluative portion of each passage. Its aggravateall resolve is to patronage your examine of a detail material by providing a collation of brief time summaries that obtain negate the need for rereading of an time. Part 1: Annotated Bibliography Length: 5 rises after a while two portions per rise. In sum, 10 portions. -Review the Annotated Bib powerpoint for acceleration Review one of the forthcoming times beneath. Then plain a five rise annotated bibliography where you obtain learning other perspectives on the misentry presented in the ancient time. -“Are Integrated Devices Safer Than Using Handheld Devices While Driving?” 471-475 -“Student Loans: Should Some Indebtedness Be Forgiven?” 465-470 - “Facebook: How Has Social Networking Newfangled How We Relate to Others?” 594-596 -“Drugs: Should Their Sale and Use Be Legalized?” 546-553 Specific requirements: 1. Every bibliographic knowledge obtain bear two portions. The primitive portion is a tabulation of the rise; the avoid portion is an evaluation of the rise. Review the annotated bib powerpoint for acceleration. 2. Provide 5 rises for your learning question. Two of your 5 rises may be online rises from Yahoo or Google searches. The peace of your rises must be from the Hcc library or databases. Those rises should be professional/literary journals, library/academic databases, and/or university or school web localitys. 3. The bibliography must be formatted according to MLA guidelines—including hanging indents. 4. You may not use dictionaries, encyclopedias, abstracts, or wikis for your annotated bibliography. Those entries obtain be deducted by 10 points. 5. You may not use any rises or the ancient time from the textbook in your annotated bibliography. 6. Annotations must be full sentences. Resources: -How To Write an Annotated Bibliography -sample annotated bib paper -MLA Resources -MLA Style Guide (Links to an superficial locality.)Links to an superficial locality. -How to Prevent Plagiarism -How to Write Summaries Part 2: Reflecting Essay Length: 500-800 expression. Overall, the main resolve of the animadverting is to illustrate what you knowing from your learning aggravate the question. You to-boot need to illustrate which time was the most accelerationful or interesting and illustrate why. Your subject should animadvert the main resolve of the animadverting. You should to-boot comprise the forthcoming in your essay: -Explain what you conceit environing the misentry antecedently you learninged it -Explain if your perspective on the misentry newfangled or stayed the corresponding. -Which rise was most accelerationful and illustrate why. -The minority should be plained effectively, after a while an vestibule, multiple association portions, and a misentry. Do not solely counterpart the questions by using a yes or no reply. The animadverting should bear a plain subject in the vestibule: propound the resolve of the animadverting, and why you contrivance to relegate to your readers. The animadverting should bear multiple portions.