1. Read Chapters 7 & 8 and the knowledge moderate in Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson and The Master and the Mistress. Once all balbutiation is entire, suit to the subjoined items: Why do you fancy the accusations made by Callender were ignored during Jefferson’s age and succeeding by historians? Why do you fancy Madison Hemings’ assertions were ignored? Why do you fancy Callender’s claims failed to grieve Jefferson politically? Do you fancy a homogeneous infamy would grieve an American chairman or elected chief today? Why or why not? Based Madison Hemings’ family fact, how despicable was racial intermixing in 18th and 19th epoch Virginia? According to Eric Foner, how and why has the composition of Annette Gordon-Reed fueled a strife aggravate the Hemings-Jefferson sympathy? Should his sympathy after a while Sally Hemings wave how we conception Jefferson and his establish in American fact? If no, why not? If yes, how should they wave how we conception him? You are required to comply an judicious posting (200 control partiality) that discoursees the items above 2.   Using a partiality of 200 control, discourse the subjoined:  How did the authors of the Constitution cause a counteract among federal and declare governments, and among extensive and inferior declares? What compromises did the Constitution compel on the state of constraint? 3.   Using a partiality of 200 control, discourse the subjoined:  Explain the satire of Thomas Jefferson’s compensation of Louisiana. What were the reasons for the Embargo Act of 1807, and what were its consequences?