History and Development of School Counseling Paper

    MODULE ONE: Narrative and Fruit of Initiate Counseling 1. Narrative and Fruit of Initiate Counseling Declaration Pamphlet - 100 pts Description of Assignment   (TEMPLATE ATTACHED TO USE) Using your extract, declaration from peer-reviewed journals, and other electronic instrument, portray the narrative of the initiate counseling declaration. Then, portray declarational constructions and making-ready standards that bear cheered the fruit of initiate counseling. (I am in GEORGIA if that makes a variety on the declarational constructions). Finally, establish synod and empire device favoring to initiate counseling and initiate counselor licenenduring in your say. (My say is GEORGIA).  Assignment Instructions Use the aftercited to acceleration you construct your pamphlet: Part 1: Narrative of Initiate Counseling • Briefly portray the narrative and disconnection of the initiate counseling declaration from the delayed 1800s to today. Part 2: Fruit of the Profession • Establish the senior declarational constructions that patronage the fruit of initiate counselors and the declaration of initiate counseling. Grasp at smallest one general construction and one say construction. For each, address the aftercited: ◦ How does the construction patronage the declaration? ◦ How does an peculiar go encircling confederacy the construction, and what is the absorb of alliance? ◦ What are the benefits of alliance? • Portray making-ready standards (i.e., Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Kindred Advice Program [CACREP] Standards) and the benefits of attendant a CACREP accredited initiate counseling program. ◦ In this minority, be enduring to grasp instruction encircling fieldwork (i.e., practicum and internship) requirements kindred to initiate counseling. Establish the number of hours and place of experiences you achieve be expected to full concurrently delay basic requirements such as types of localitys, locality supervisor credentials, and declarational jurisdiction security. Part 3: Synod and Empire Device (State of Georgia) • Establish and portray say laws and empire policies predominant initiate counselors in your say (suggestion: pursuit delayin your say’s advice laws - For example: Georgia Functional Standards Commission and Department of Education). Then collate and dissimilarity these requirements delay CACREP making-ready standards Assignment Requirements • Written communication: Writing must be literary, declarational, untrammelled of errors, and compatible delay expectations for members of the counseling declaration. • APA formatting: Your pamphlet should be formatted according to APA (6th edition) fashion and formatting. • Length: 3–4 pages, excepting the denomination page and allusion register. • References: Grasp a reserve of at smallest five general (amid the terminal 10 years) instrument. Create your allusion register for this pamphlet naturalized on the instrument you in-effect use in the substance of the pamphlet. • Font and font-size: Times New Roman, 12 points. • Denomination page: Include • Denomination of Paper • Your Name • Your University • Course Name-School Counseling Foundations • Instructor’s Name • Date