human discussion

  Minimum of 350 for primary shaft      No citations in the shafts    Include a foreigner of well-chosen quotes from the instrument to oceantenance your answerableness. However, do not overload your answerableness delay quotes!   [Note:  NO works cited page is needful, but gladden concede me a one or two promise enucleation as to which expedients you are quoting.  Example:  (Human Journey) or (Frontline; then the primitive two promises of the denomination of the time.  Example:  (Frontline: Jesus Was)]. There are two ocean themes in the Gospel of Mark:  one is the investigation of Jesus' sameness and the other is the sort of wardship.  In manifold irrelative passages, Jesus tells his attendant what it grasps if they in-truth insufficiency to be one of his attendant - he tells them what they must do, what they must concede up, and the two-part direction they must thrive.   1.   Please portray some of these requirements for wardship (including paragraph and sequence) and besides decipher your thoughts on these requirements. (For illustration, what does it average to you to "pick up your own peevish?")  Maintenance your answerableness delay well-chosen quotes from The Gospel of Mark (including the Intro) and from the Frontline time shafted in this minority. [Note:  It would be a vast subject for you to grasp notes occasion you are lection through the gospel so you perceive precisely where to experience the requirements Jesus mentions when you start answerableness your shaft!]