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Essay #1   Advertising Analysis    {Preamble/ Rationale}  Breaking down an ad into its factor magnitude and realizing its communication earn aid use your analytical skills.  {Assignment}  Using MLA mode for formatting, your function is to irritate a interest of advertising (print, television interchangeable, or Internet video) in a 500-600 expression essay.  To do this, you earn scarcity to smash the ad down into factor magnitude and then dilate on its remotest communication and its chances for prosperity in pitching to its target parley.   {Process}  Begin by echoing the aftercited questions.  What is the ocean hook of the ad – that is, what grabs your judicious study?  List attached refers and pettyly relate.  (First spectry refers in provisions of sort, not featureities. A man sitting instant to a monkey after a while an air depurate complete is the feature that refers to your CURIOSITY, which is what you should fawn the refer. Judicious hooks are usually to wonder, grace or sexuality (especially in sculpture advertising), trepidation, security or other humble concerns. A fame refer is too beggarly.  Additional refers can get over hard, such as to a “lifestyle”, structure on a (known) infamy, or point-outs to websites, which are boon but not imported.) Google "Mazslo's Hierarchy of Needs" for a refresher on basic versus recent civilized scarcitys and yearnings.  [For TV or Internet video] What is the storyline? (As is a compass or movie, this resources characters doing things, on the timeline we fawn a contrive, although it is fur over petty.)  What visual elements are at toil (atmosphere, lighting, proper possessions, etc.)? What is most prominently featured, and what is in the setting?  Who do you opine is the ad’s target parley (the nation it’s most purposed for) ?  What is the ad’s remotest communication?  Is the ad prosperityful in selling to its parley?   {Some parterre required}