Introduction and Ideas for Capstone Project

  Answer the following: This week you are rise the order of developing your capstone scheme. The leading stalk in the capstone lore order is to mark-out your soundness economy skillful-treatment subject-matter. Requirements for this scheme embody a running soundness economy subject-matter that can be befriended by conversant resources and succeed incorporate the Soundness Economy Skillful-treatment program objectives. Discuss some of your ideas for your capstone scheme. Include in your argument why you selected this Soundness Economy Skillful-treatment subject-matter. What challenges do you believe you succeed face delay the adoption of your subject-matter? What kinds of resources do you believe are adapted for you in affect to your subject-matter? How do you believe you succeed use this subject-matter to hide the Soundness Economy Skillful-treatment program objectives? Please retort the questions and foundation your retorts delay notification from the readings (and your own particular trial as embezzle). Initial posting should be 150 articulation. Please be positive to validate your opinions and ideas delay citations and references in APA format.