Instructions: To decipher legitimate law and how it susceptibility direct to GC operations and transactions, you flow to order a provisionally model scenario and an connected dissection to give to GC owners. Assume the scenario you orderd follows. Hypothetical Model Scenario:    EPI sells its unseasoned cleaning results to customers in most states.  Its biggest result sales are in the Mid-Atlantic states. Recently, the West Virginia (WV) council settled a law banning all sales and importation of EPI’s “Clear Shine Window Cleaner” until aid heed.  It was discovered that one of the ingredients, acquired from sunflowers, is vitiated and agents a quick-growing configure to extend on all surfaces to which it is applied. The configure can be toxic for humans and can agent loss to inland construction surfaces. EPI challenged the new law as illegal, but the law was upheld in the West Virginia courts. Address the questions adown. 1. Analyze the U.S. Constitution whether the WV council has legitimate warrant to revive the law, and specifically why and how.  (Tip:  this is not primarily a Commerce Clause posterity.) · include in your dissection, the premise of the debateion the WV courts would direct to advocate the law 2.  Regardless of your solution in 1. overhead, feign the WV council has legitimate warrant to revive the law and thus, the ban is upheld.    Evaluate and debate whether the neutralization on individual calling activities is spotless or unspotless and decipher why. Format Instructions: Prepare the dissection in a news, discourseed to Winnie and Ralph, to be used in debateion after a while the GC owners. The news should discourse the questions in the Instructions overhead.  Follow the format adown. REPORT TO:              Winnie James, Ralph Anders FROM:         (your indicate) DATE: RE:              Constitutional Law and Calling Regulation 1. Example 2. Example