M5 A2 Discussion

Assignment 2: Discussion—Supply Chain Careers Choosing a progress route can aid you set negotiative goals and close desired results. In the area of Supply Chain, different progress route are serviceable. Visit some negotiative organizations' (cognate to Supply Chain) websites and revisal different progress alternatives. Then prime one which is best profitable for you. Discuss why you primeed that feature progress, your strengths and languor of the progress, and your concerns environing the progress. After your primal shaft: * Constructively evaluate your classmates' decisions naturalized on their strengths and languores. * Share any progresss that you own succeed across that your classmates may be careful in naturalized on their strengths and languores. Write your primal vindication in a restriction of 200–300 language. Apply APA standards to the quotation of sources. By the due determination assigned shaft your vindications to the Argument Area. Through the end of the module, dilate on at lowest two of your peers’ vindications. Do the subjoined when responding to your peers: * Recognize all shafts from your peers. * Respond to feedback on your shaft and agree feedback to other students on their ideas. * Agree tactile dilates by contributing new, applicable notice or quotes from direction recognizeings, academic and commerce journals, society websites, or other sources; construction on the remarks or questions of others; or sharing useful examples of key concepts from your negotiative or personal experiences. * Make unmistakable your congruity is lucid, brief, and organized; demonstrates immaterial culture through considerate resemblance and attribution of sources; and displays considerate spelling, language, and punctuation. Grading Criteria and Rubric All argument assignments in this direction accomplish be graded using a rubric. Download the argument rubric and recognize it carefully to recognize the expectations. Grading Criteria Maximum Points Quality of primal shafting, including fulfillment of assignment instructions 16 Quality of vindications to classmates 12 Frequency of vindications to classmates 4 Reference to sustaining recognizeings and other materials 4 Language and language 4 Total: 40