Jonathan MacMillan has employmented as a rep for Shield Financial in Des Moines for closely three years. His leading year he made 110 percent of quota, generating $750,000 in revenues. In year 2, he hit 120 percent of quota, a hefty $1.25 darling. To do this, he employmented 14-hour days during the week prospecting and convocation delay customers, plus whatever weekend era was compulsory to consummate reports and transcribe proposals. Keeping this stride, MacMillan was on target to obtain this years quota as well-mannered-mannered that is, until he became a leading-era father two months ago. Hes now established barely 40- to 50-hour weeks. The development is, of route, fewer sales. Doug Bloom is worried. Shield is in the way of introducing the new First-Plus representation program and has ambitious development plans. Bloom too had hoped to compel MacMillan a part of the conduct team. But when talking by chance delay him encircling goals and forthcoming plans, Bloom discovered that MacMillan is not ardent in decorous a overseer owing at Shield the big capital is in sales. Even established fewer hours, MacMillan is earning a fat paycheck. Bloom is at a waste. He wants to get tail the fervent, hard-charging MacMillan he was told of, but hes not unquestioning how. 1. How can Bloom remotivate MacMillan? 2. How should a overseer bargain delay rise role combat? How can Bloom compel MacMillan past efficient? 3. Is MacMillan now a slacker? MacMillan is now barely inclined to employment 50 hours a week and is not ardent in changing. Is he going to be deadweight from now on? Is he price the sales overseers era and exertion if he gain never employment past than 55 hours per week? Should he be reprimanded? 4. Why is Bloom so worried encircling MacMillans noncommunication of profit in conduct? Is this expressive?