Milestone 3

  In the primitive milestone, you attested a new-fangled carelessness lucent that took situate. There were multiple lucents that were separated such as Capital One,Target, OPM, Equifax, Home Depot, and so numerous more.  In the remedy milestone, you obtain approximation the negotiative, tangible, and technical controls of the detail aggregation then detail which one of these negotiative, tangible, and technical controls were not assure and led to the carelessness lucent.  This week you obtain operation on Milestone 3.  In milestone 3 you are fabric upon your primitive two milestones and draw the disappearance strategy, results, etc. on the construction.  For copy, if you chose Equifax in milestone 1 you introduced your question, in milestone 2 you drawd the controls that enfolded the construction, and now in Milestone, you obtain evaluate the results of the carelessness lucent. All of these milestones tie into each other as you evaluate the qualification of the lucent and the results.   The reserve is 2 written pages and this does not comprise the distinction or regard page.  You must properly APA format your repartee.