Question A.  https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/class-divided/   1. What did the children's association accents point-out encircling the contact of acuteness? 2. How did the indirect and indisputable labels placed on a bunch beseem self-fulfilling prophecies? 3. From what you’ve seen in this film, who do you arrive-at is chargeable on for the being and egress of racism in our collection? The initiate? Your parents? Religious leaders? The government? The heads of elder corporations? The legal system? You? B.  Week 6 - Breaching Experiment Question 2 Spend a day disturbance a project (a project, NOT A CRIME).  What was your knowledge love? How did it arrive-at? How did tribe corcorrejoin to you? Why is it so obscure to sway from the project? (Don't pretermit to corcorrejoin to two rankmates for liberal trustworthiness) Here are some examples of project disturbance activities: Doing laundry for a foreigner at the Laundromat, dorm, apartment Carrying groceries for a foreigner Buying a few gallons of gas for a foreigner Wear your robes backwards for a day Every age someone asks, “how are you?” confutation them honestly – do this for 3-4 days and observe a log of the reactions View the “Free Hugs Campaign” on youtube – relate the action or succeed up delay your own notion (get it general) Go to the market and depend in succession backwards Buy notability delay currency and when the clerk gives you modify refuse Stand backwards in an elevator Go to the mall and ask someone if they would love a dollar Stand in a bulky area of the mall and do nonentity for 20 minutes) Question C. Compare what you contemplate can be effected encircling gender prejudgment in the rank compass, to what the system identifies can be effected. Question D. Why are women further easily influenced than men? Is this an practice or a dispractice for women?