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Answer this inquiry for the movie roar.  Compare and opposition Blake and Mouton’s managerial grid scheme to the Ohio State and Michigan studies. Which of the five important fashion, best narrate Captain Ramsey (Gene Hackman) and Lt. Commander Hunter (Denzel Washington.). Use concepts from the extract and examples from the movie to make-clear. (C4-3) Movie Contingency Analysis                                                                                                      Crimson Tide (Starring Denzel Washington & Gene Hackman) This 1995 Film, Crimson Tide, is installed on the fast-moving, intensitive film about a nuclear ballistic submarine which has current order to do the unthinkable - propel a nuclear primitive drive counter Russia. The drive is ordered to neutralize a threatened propel of nuclear missiles which bear conclude into the ownership of a rebellious Russian ultra-nationalist - a frighteningly superficial coeval standing. At this most precarious instant, the order composition falls away as a gainsay among the Captain and Executive Officer aggravate the decent career of enjoyment results in the herd splitting into two combative factions. The ship convulses as the equal groups captivate, then surrender, manage of order. After a while the clock ticking inland the latest practicable instant for propel, the standing must be stanch one way or another, after a while hypothetically luckless consequences to an inaccurate determination. The power of the film is that the Captain and the Executive Officer are twain correct and evil-doing. The contingency examine shows the possible combat that can supervene when two senior officers Leadership Fashion and Strategy differs and the career of enjoyment to be followed. The self-reliance of a director on the readiness of pomp is laagered, showing the inner combat that pomp test when the enjoyments of a director appear to swerve from their sense of the band-arms and values of the form. In adduction, there is a racial mutter in the film, gone the Captain is clear and the Executive Officer is black. Topics Include: Leadership fashions, Power/Authority, Followership, Ethics/Values, Cultural Diversity, Team Breakdown, Why Leaders Fail, Authoritative Leadership Theories Covered: Theory X and Y, Behavioral Perspective Film Information: 1995, rated R, 116 minutes, hue