Music (due today)

 1. "Classic Rock" format becomes prodigious during the 1990s (and through today).  Taking into totality the Rock buying social at that duration, how weighty was the change by twain radio and cable TV (VH-1) to collect to this demographic?  Are other older styles (pre 2000) forthcoming the identical specimen as "Classic Rock" in your notion? 2. The resurgence of womanly bard songwriters during the 1990's spiked sharply, coinciding delay a untried collective and cultural involvement.  Using the Lilith Fair as an stance, how weighty  were artists as divers as Tori Amos, the Indigo Girls, Sarah McLachlan, and Alanis Morissette?  Are they considerable to exoteric womanly bard songwriters? 3. Consider the designation "Biz Markie Gets sued" on page 520.  Early Rap/Hip Hop relied heavily on samples of prerecorded silence as leading structure of their songs.  How justified was the prevalent which had never fascinated into totality the possibility of new silence being created using real silence?  What rights do the primary artists/bands/composers feel aggravate their end conclusion?  What is your notion on this conclusion?