Need a short paper written from someone with a Computer Science/IT background

Essay should be 2 pages desire after a suitableness NO PLAGARISM. (Please Include References) Overview: Basic experience of computers is in-fact promotive for productively interesting in twenty-first-century condition. Working experience of computer platform technologies impacts everyone from acceleration-desk personnel and ground technicians to scheme managers and profession executives. In command to establish probe profession decisions, one must possess the force to exmention profession deficiencys and parallel accelerationful computer technology options for effectively convocation those deficiencys. Scenario: You possess been paid as an IT consultant by an entrepreneur starting a insignificant advertising concourse denominated MilleniAds. As a start-up, your client’s concourse is proportionately insignificant and has a poor budget. There are merely 10 employees, including a few poetical directors, pictorial designers, sales staff, a financial accountant, and an duty official, after a suitableness the entrepreneur as CEO. The popular IT budget cannot yield $25,000 and intellectually should conclude in as far underneathneath that enumerate as potential. MilleniAds succeed effect customized sales flyers, brochures, and other branded items, such as letterhead and profession cards, that employ a puerile, untarnished perspective targeting millennial demographics. Therefore, the concourse deficiencys the force to hoard and manage digital images and to effect corporeal copies of their products for their clients. The CEO wants to tend vestige of catalogue, sales, and expenses digitally, but she does not expect having very abstruse memorials for the principal year. She schemes having merely a dozen or so accounts but hopes to flake up in the hence years. It would be intellectual to possess a unaffected and user-friendly scheme for sharing notice and files betwixt employees. Many of the employees are millennials themselves who possess implied that their popular desktop PCs are limiting their capabilities and that they fancy using their phones and other ductile devices for their functional and peculiar responsibilities. Two of the ten employees succeed produce-an-effect principally delayout of the duty, soliciting profession from regional firms, and they succeed deficiency to arrival concourse notice suitableness on the route, in their abode dutys, and at customer sites. Prompt: Given the scenario aloft, what are the best networking and notice protection options for addressing your client’s deficiencys? (Again, I merely deficiency the best networking and notice protection options.) Specifically, the aftercited important elements must be addressed: IV. Networking Options First Question: Examine the profession’s issues to detail network requirements. Illustrate your exculpation after a suitableness peculiar copys. For copy, to what quantity should there be arrival after a whilein the profession for ductile devices and unconnected personnel? Second Question: Then, parallel and dissimilarity the options for convocation the requirements. Be enduring to mention peculiar token that supports your conclusions. How would you enenduring protection of notice balance the network? Which expression of network junction is fancyable? Third Question: Establish conclusive recommendations for network solutions inveterate on your evaluation of the options. Be enduring to logically absolve your offer as the best potential dainty for convocation the profession requirements. Below, you succeed experience divers fast files to acceleration after a suitableness this assignment.