Need assignment due on 01/06/2018 / Network Web Services – Data Security

   Using the scenario from the Week One assignment, transcribe a 2- to 3-page occupation memo to the CIO of your structure detailing pawn recommendations. Include a Visio® diagram illustrating your pawn pattern and any areas of sympathy. Be trusting to flourish APA standards for a occupation memo. Referencing your previous week's infrastructure (specific) choices, use the "Understanding Cloud Security" direction in Ch. 12 of the Cloud Computing Bible to conceive environing one or two subjoined recommendations that you would construct to mend pawn. Incorporate into your memo the inborn pawn sympathys for each area: Service:      What use to use (SaaS, PaaS, etc)? This is grounded on your Week One      decision. Design      principles: To what standards do you want to conform? (use Ch. 14, Amazon      Web Services for Dummies, as a allusion) This is grounded on your Week      Two firmness. Security      concerns: What indirectization pawn sympathys do you bear? This is grounded      on your Week Three firmness. If you don't bear admittance to instruction environing your structure's network, try parley delay the network supervisor to end up delay some ideas. If this is not feasible, use the flourishing scenario: You are the IT Supervisor of a mid-size wholesale arrangement occupation of 500 employees. The flourishing are a few plans that are used delayin your occupation: Internal      Exchange 2003 server - this is a corporeal server Internal      CRM plan - this is a indirect machine Internal      ERP plan using SAP ERP 6.0 - this is a corporeal server Internal      File server using 1.2 TB of facts - this is a indirect machine (2)      Internal SQL Servers used for occupation understanding - (1) server is      indirect and (1) server is corporeal The network has the flourishing characteristics: A WAN      delay (4) united sites - (3) arrangement centers, and a corporate      office. Each      site is united via a 100 Mbps MPLS WAN and has a unique T-1 for a      failover relevance. The      datacenter is centralized at one of the arrangement centers. There      are (2) internet relevances a 100 Mbps chief relevance and a 10 Mbps      backup. The      network has excessive firewalls that to-boot agree VPN admittance for any      remote admittance that is wanted. Each      site has a LAN that is 1 Gbps Ethernet.