NUR3472 DEL 3/4

NUR3472CBE Section 01CBE Emerging Healthforesight Technologies and Innovation (6 Months) - CBE - 2020 Winter Six Month 2 Deliverserviceable 3 - Leveraging Kind and Protection Measures after a while Message Technologies Competency Differentiate the impression of uncertain message technologies on shieldion and kind reformment Scenario You are a staff nourish voted as the nursing depute to sit on the Emerging Innovations Steering Committee. In preparing for your original committee parley you affect unravel through the terminal year of parley minutes and sturdy what the late nursing depute had achieved and what coming goals were set for this biased role. The parley minutes from terminal month profession the steering committee is currently looking at emerging message technologies and how the hospital can leverage integration of require cogent healthforesight technology. In provision for the original parley, you affect produced a catalogue of best actions established on your conversant discovery and produce a catalogue of exercise plans for leveraging these into action. You affect been tasked after a while creating a relatively separation of two message technologies and how they can be used to reform message betwixt healthforesight teams and how it can swing enduring outcomes. Before the next monthly committee parley, they neglect you to transmit them a relatively separation using a format of your select (i.e. table) of two message technologies that you affect best reform shieldion and kind healthcare. Instructions Write a relatively separation tserviceable including the subjoined: Discuss the two separated message technologies you affect chosen after a while stay from conversant discovery  Describe the power of each technology Analyze how it is used in the healthforesight setting Examine how the two separated technologies can be used to reform message natant the healthforesight team.  Provide a biased action specimen from the erudition to stay how each technology has been professionn to reform message natant the healthforesight team. Discuss how each mold of message technology has been professionn to reform enduring outcomes adown the table.  Identify indication from the erudition to stay how each technology has been professionn to impression enduring outcomes Deliverserviceable 4 - Merging Ethics and Information Technology Competency Analyze ghostly and nursing informatics action standards after a whilein the matter of healthforesight donation. Scenario You are a nursing aggravateseer of the command and innovations branch at a wide nonprofit academic medical courage. You product at the flagship hospital and there are three concomitant campuses and diverse affiliated facilities throughout three concomitant states. Therefore, technology is heavily relied upon for harmonious and current message for interdisciplinary foresight. Recently, the CNO sent you a enduring satisfexercise scan highlighting how dejected this enduring was after a while their nourish’s punctuality of answering their questions. The enduring continued to distribute that the nourish used their indivisible cell phone to attain out to the enduring’s provider to get tenuity of the enduring’s dismiss instructions. The enduring loved their keen counter-argument and neglected to highlight this as a best action for all healthforesight professionals. You affect honest completed a technology experience toll of the healthforesight staff resisting branchs and it has after to your watchfulness that diverse nourishs casually promulgate after a while medical providers through passage on their indivisible cell phones, using their phone’s messaging utility. The nourishs fix that they are serviceserviceable to encounter their enduring scarcitys more keenly. Your toll also discovered that a nourish used their indivisible cell phone to procure a paint of a enduring’s bottom abscess. The paint was posted on political resources as a reminder to diabetics the avail of managing their respect sugars. As the nursing command aggravateseer, it is your once to fix staff are subjoined the hospital polices and your technology toll has highlighted that the staff is in grave scarcity of HIPAA trailing and Smart Phone use. Instructions Use the scenario aggravate to produce a mandatory trailing for all staff using PowerPoint after a while tone aggravate including the subjoined: Examine indivisible Smart Phone use and its implications in Healthcare  Identify and decipher a insufficiency of 3 unghostly uses of Smartphones in healthforesight (including passage messaging and paints) Discuss virtual benefits to misspend Smartphone use in healthcare Examine expedient use of Political Resources and its implications in Healthcare  Potential benefits to misspend use of Political Resources in healthcare Identify a insufficiency of 3 unghostly uses of Political Media  (as reviewed by NCSBN) Describe regulatory bodies and Ghostly Frameworks used to shield Indivisible Health Information (PHI)  Investigate the role of HIPAA, HITECH, and Nursing Code of Ethics Present likely legitimate consequences associated after a while unghostly or illegitimate Smart Phone and Political Resources u