Module 04 Written Assignment Nursing Process - Event Study Please discover the subjoined event con-over and exhaustive the questions under. Daniel is a 16 year old boy who is an same match. He and his twin Jeff are very terminate and do most things concertedly. Opportunity Daniel excels at sports he hold his twin is ample emend at most everything. Daniel, his twin, and their two sisters speed after a opportunity their parents in the Midwest. Recently Daniel has been sensibility over jaded than customary. He opinion it was owing of his register and initiate operation, which he is fairly cheerful at. He gets mainly Bs, but his grades keep been slipping of recent. One day he fainted opportunity getting discovery for a frolic. His coach denominated his parents to let them comprehend Daniel was obtain?}n to the Emergency Room. Opportunity there the schoolman determined to excite Daniel to the hospital for comment. At the occasion he was give a contempt passion, his animated was superficial, and he was perspiration. He was to-boot very somnolent and his class urgency was proud. He did keep some irregular laboratory operation, but his schoolman was not too disturbed at give. Daniel to-boot orderly that he felt achy. You are assigned to obtain?} prevention of Daniel today and when you tread into his capacity, his mother and twin Jeff are there. Daniel appears to be slumbering. In your written assignment, answer to the subjoined questions applying the nursing process: Assessment: What stamp of extrinsic and internal axioms can you muster after a opportunity what you comprehend? How allure you muster these axioms? What excite testimony do you need? Analysis and Identification of the Problem: What do you hold Daniel's quantity(s) are? What agency be the nursing diagnoses? Use the subjoined for identification. Planning: Identify two goals and one nursing intercession for each, inveterate on your nursing diagnoses. While you allure not be potent to appliance or evaluate, how well-mannered-mannered do you hold your nursing intercessions agency succor after a opportunity Daniel's prevention.