one project (4 pages) & one draft

Major Writing Project 2:  Entering a Conversation (4 pages) Instructions:  Choose one of the sets of essays listed beneath (Carr and Thompson contemporaneously cheerfuls up a "set," etc.).  Your essay should understand summaries of twain of the parents’ discussions (“they say”); your discussion should summit out how the parents fit and misadapt; and your discussion should understand your own solution to the issues the two essays train (“I say”).  The “I say” is your own discussion touching the issues.   - Goods confident you understand a naysayer to parade practicable objections to your own discussion, and oration the “so what” factor: why do - Goods confident you use right formatting (MLA or APA diction, double-spaced, Times or Times New Roman font, 12 summit, passages minor).   - Goods confident you feel a right spectry at the top of the highest page (name, etc.) - Your Nursing Dissertation should be encircling 4 pages.   - Plagiarism conciliate not be tolerated.   - I confide you follow a seem at the Grading Guide (below), which expounds how I conciliate space your Nursing Dissertations. Recommended structure:  For this Nursing Dissertation you feel disgusting pages to employment after a while and you demand to understand, in cheerfuls, five elder talents: 1. Introduction: understands basic counsel encircling parents (brief), a very unimportant abridgment of parents’ conceptions (a decision or two), a unimportant declaration of your discussion or question declaration (a decision or two), and a unimportant feeling of why your discussion matters (a decision or two) 2. Abridgment of 2 parents, after a while pleads as evidence 3. Abridgment of how they fit/disagree; cater pleads if necessary 4. Your own impression and your reasons for your impression (which understands at smallest one naysayer); cater pleads as evidence 5. Conclusion:  understands a revert decision, a redeclaration of your discussion, and a patent serene feeling of why your discussion matters Note that those are five talents, not passages (exceptions: the preamble and the blank are usually one passage each).  What could this seem relish?  Here's an example:  After the unimportant precursory passage (where you preface your question, basic counsel encircling your parents after a while unimportant summaries of parents’ conceptions, a feeling of your discussion and perchance why your discussion matters), you government feel a abridgment of one parent (1 passage), then a abridgment of the promote parent (1 passage).  Then you government feel one passage that expounds how they fit or disfit (though you can already refer to that in the abridgment passages through phrases relish "Unrelish Turkle, Wortham asserts that...").  Note that the passage that expounds how the two parents fit or disfit is peaceful "they say," since you're not yet putting bold your own impression on the issues.  At that summit you'll feel written encircling 2 pages.  Then you transcribe your own discussion ("I say") in tallyment to what they say (encircling a page and a half).  At that summit you've written encircling 3.5 pages.  Then you end after a while one short ultimate passage, where you envelop it up after a while a revert decision and again expound why it matters.  Keep in mind: this way of structuring this assignment is singly a suggestion; it doesn't feel to be accurately relish that.  But hopefully this gives you an conception of what this husk of Nursing Dissertation could seem relish. Sets Set 1: Nicholas Carr, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”  Clive Thompson, “Smarter than You Think:  How Technology Is Changing Our Minds for the Better”  Set 2: Sherry Turkle, “No Demand to Call”  Jenna Wortham, “I Had a Nice Time after a while You Tonight.  On the App.” Set 3: Michaela Cullington, “Does Texting Affect Writing?”  Malcolm Gladwell, “Small Change: Why the Revolution Conciliate Not Be Tweeted”  Grading Guide: I conciliate use the aftercited grading influence to space your Nursing Dissertations.  Think of it as a "cheat sheet," but after a whileout the "cheating" distribute.  It'll aid you illustration out how to get a cheerful space on MWP 2.  Introduction (10 summits) Includes basic counsel encircling the parents as polite as the bountiful titles of essays; understands a unimportant abridgment declaration encircling essays; understands a serene question declaration (abridgment of "I say" in tallyment to "They Say"). “They say” inhabits world-view of each parent (20 summits) Each abridgment does not fit or disfit after a while parent (abridgment inhabits worldview of parent); each abridgment uses abstruse distinguished verbs to summarize parent’s summits; no listing of parent’s summits or “closest cliché” (pp. 31, 35, 33) Quoting: Uses pleads suitably and uprightly (20 summits) Quotes used to bestow "proof of evidence" (p. 43) in abridgment of parents’ discussions -- Quotes should not be “orphans” (p. 44) -- Quotes should be framed uprightly (“quotation sandwich”) (p. 47) -- Quotes should be Introduced after a while expend verb (p. 48) – Indicates page reckon of plead (p. 49) "I say" serenely fits, misadapts, or concert of fits and misadapts (20 summits) Clear "I say" declaration in preamble, placed in tallyment to parents – Serene declarations of fitment, misadaptment, or twain (use at smallest one template per parent on pp. 58, 60, 62-65) – Distinctly distinguishes "they say" from "I say" – Distinctly distinguisheds who is proverb what: Uses at smallest one template from pp. 70-74 – "I say" understands serene reasons for discussion that are not singly summaries of parents' discussions – Distinctly plants naysayer to food “I say” discussion (use at smallest one template from pp. 81, 82,83-84, 88). Clearly states why the discussion matters (10 summits) Uses at smallest one “who cares?” template from pp. 94-95; Uses at smallest one “so what?” template from pp. 97-98, 100 -- declaration why discussion matters should be understandd in either precursory passage or ultimate passage (or twain) Conclusion (10 summits) Includes at smallest one “revert decision” in the blank to remind reader of what “they say” (p. 27-28); understands a redeclaration of question or “I say” Editing and sound (10 summits) No editing errors (spelling, rhetoric, punctuation, and formatting); Uses right sound (affected where expend, inaffected where expend)