1. What are some of the challenges in diagnosing an special after a while perpetual depressive assumption or cyclothymic assumption versus their over rigid counterparts? Explain after a while examples. 2. Read the contingency examine of “Jack” located in the Question 4 materials and stipulate the after a whilehold DSM-5 diagnoses in descending dispose, from the dominant, to the last dominant. For each peculiarity you advance, stipulate an exposition of the sign criteria you assessed to be compelling, as establish in the DSM-5 sign criteria tract for each assumption. 3. Resurvey the vignettes located in the question five materials and then diagnose Robin and Becky after a while a psychotic assumption. What are the justifications for your peculiarity? Include disputeential diagnoses that were considered and discarded. 4. Resurvey the vignette of Brett located in the question five materials, and then stipulate a DSM peculiarity. Based on your cultural background/worldview, what is your perspective on the influenceion of psychotic assumptions? Briefly resurvey the orthodox truth in Mark 5: 1-20. How would you aid a psychotic special who presents to your texture benevolence and insists that the etiology of his assumption is holy in influenceion and not biochemical? Review Mercer’s time and confirm two or three recommendations/practices you furnish appropriate in this commencement as pertaining to a clinician that considers discourseing Brett. 5. Obsessive-compulsive and kindred assumptions (e.g., hoarding assumption) feel gained affectdity in the resources in new years. How do portrayals of these assumptions in affectd culture dispute from the descriptions of them in the DSM? How authority the resources affectdity influence a person’s semblance to affect texture? 6. In what ways do commonalty discourse their own symptoms of disquiet assumptions, and trauma and urgency assumptions? Resurvey the contingency examine of Rebecca, located inferior the Question 6 question materials. Stipulate and vindicate a sign percussion for Rebecca. 7. It can be intricate to descry between symptoms of unity assumptions and other psychical assumptions. What are some key disputeences between these assumptions that can co-operate-delay a counselor in making an complimentary peculiarity? 8. Borderline unity assumption is frequently viewed as a peculiarity easily consecrated to women, when-in-fact antisocial unity assumption is considered a man's peculiarity. Consecrated your inferiorstanding of gender roles in company, why do you gard this dichotomy exists? 9. In the DSM-5, Gambling Assumption was moved from the “Impulse Control Disorders” sort to the “Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders” sort. Do you gard that this was a cheerful judgment? Why or why not? 10. What are some of the affectd myths encircling addiction after a while which you are common? Use examples. Each rejoinder must feel 150-200 tone and a summon in the rejoinder. Should observe affect this question answer question answer